We believe it takes a village to make your wedding vision come to life.  So here's a few of our favorite vendors in the industry - a carefully curated ensemble dedicated to turning your wedding dreams into reality. 

"...Sam and Ali, are AMAZING hosts and will feel like family by the end of the evening. Responsive and attentive to every detail, they will make sure your day is perfect! The flexibility of indoor and outdoor spaces, beautiful backdrops, and views that go on for miles, make Selmer and Stone a one-of-a-kind venue to create memories that will last a lifetime." 
— Margaret, family friend

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but valued friends, where every detail is filled with love and heart, Selmer and Stone, owned and operated by the lovely and *exceptional* Ali and Sam DREAM TEAM, is where your dream wedding awaits! You will be so happy you got married here!"

— Deanna, owner of Olive Branch Events Co,

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"...if you seek a venue where you're not just clients

With charm, elegance and lots of character, you’re unlikely to find elsewhere such a gem of a spot. Ali and Sam have the most creative vision and have poured their hearts into the space to make it chic yet timeless. Between the outdoor and indoor spaces, great amenities and lovely hosts, you’ll be glad you booked your event here. Such a versatile space!"
— Lydia, family friend

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"This gorgeous venue includes spanning countryside views, boasting the best sunsets!